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Export Compressed PDFs

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    When I export out PDFs and attach them to emails for review for stakeholders who either are not in Figma or just prefer to review and leave notes via PDF mockups, I always have to find a PDF compression solution that can shrink down the sizes. In addition to PDF compression, sometimes merging multiple files into a single document is something that I wish Figma gave some options for when exporting.

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    PDFs exported when they contain some kind of image seem to be quite large, maybe because the whole image is intact and it isn’t cropped down. Or just the quality is retained as close as possible to the Figma quality.

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    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.
    I’m not aware of any community plugin that solves this. Are there any out there?

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This is available via the TinyImage or Pitchdeck Studio plugins.

This is why I use an online tool to compress the PDF file size…

@Edward_Flora Online tools only do so much, key issues with the large file size are due to

  • text converted to vectors rather than simply embedding the font - online optimisation tools or plugins such as TinyImage won’t fix this
  • Images should be optimised to a required dpi level (ie. 225, 300 etc)

TinyImage is currently commercial, starting at $15 per month and going up from there. That might not be a viable option for a lot of people now.

It always was a paid plugin.