Exclude selected (ready for dev) Sections from library updates

With the new Dev-Mode Figma solves some problems. What would be really helpful if one could exclude selected (ready for dev) Sections from library updates. So conception and development can find place in the same file.

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Hi @Patric_Sterrantino,

Thanks for posting and sharing this idea on the forum!

I can see what you mean and I agree that being able to freeze “ready for dev” sections could be a very useful feature. I have shared it with our Product team to give it more visibility.

I won’t be able to guarantee an ETA for this nor guarantee it will be implemented but this idea will definitely be taken into consideration. Dev mode is quite new and we’re currently working on a lot of new updates and improvements to ensure it covers all our community needs :smiley:


Any ETA on that feature? That would be so helpful?

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