Error Uploading Video

Figma says it allows MOV files, but every time I try to upload my MOV (I need the transparent BG), it says error uploading video: video data invalid

Anyone know why this is happening?

Hey @p_mm ,
Thanks for reaching out to the community!
Currently we do not support videos with transparency/alpha channels and this is the issue you are seeing with the file when trying to upload it.
(As you may already noticed, for instance, when exporting the video as a MP4 or through Quicktime in the same mov format but without the transparency will allow you to import the file to Figma though.)

If you would like to set a transparency on your videos, we’d suggest using a Luminance Mask plus a WebM format video which should work as expected (see our guide on Masks for instructions on how to use this feature). Hope this helps!

Hi Celine!

This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much. I will look into the article you shared :slight_smile:


Instead of fixing this, yall suggest to struggle with it and use some kind of “mask” sht. Prototyping in Figma is very important part of the Figma, and this issue annoys me as soon as I open another programms such as After effects, Protopie and etc. to make this shit work together. The freaking simple task. I really hope yall get this up and fix all the issues, as alpha in webm, struggling and freezing prototypes, bunch of bugs with the “big updates and unnecessary minor updates”, and I think Figma community is not really that much toxic but caring about cursor customization. CURSOR CUSTOMIZATION :grin: :grin:

Really. Forwarded to the developers, open your eyes.