Enable/Disable comments

I’d like to disable comments while I’m working so the client doesn’t comment on it in real time. And be able to turn it back on when the design is done.


Yeah, me too! It’s a hassle when a client is doing comments while I’m working. I can’t finish a thing.


Yes, please. I’d like it to be disabled as well. The real-time comment feature really interrupts me whenever I do the design work. :pray:


Yes, please! If possible, the ability to limit comments to specific people instead of the entire org would be amazing and save us a lot of time clearing them.

Also, edit feature on the comments. :smiley:

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+1. We have a separate system for commenting on designs but often find third parties involved in a project can’t help but add comments in Figma. Being able to disable comments would be a really useful feature!

I desperately need this too. Commenting is not a discussion and Q&A tool, and it creates lots of extra work and disturbance for me when clients have discussions and negotiations of the best solution in the design board.

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I need this too. Anyone can spam comments while sharing the project to public.

Hey All,

Thank you for the feedback!

To ensure our team fully understands, you’re asking for a new way to completely enable/disable comments beyond the current keyboard shortcut ⇧ Shift C to toggle them on or off?

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dvaliao, we need a way to completely disable the comments whenever needed. Right now, you’re just hiding/showing, so clients can still add comments whether I see them or not.

We must be able to work on the file without allowing comments (switching off) until we decide to let clients comment on it (switching on). There should be a way of switching them on and off whenever needed, not just hiding.

Having clients commenting on the file before it’s delivered is annoying and has a great impact on the quality, speed and stress.


Possible workaround: ALWAYS work in a branch. Customer will not easily find out that you’re working under their radar…

I wish this was a feature too…

Yes it’s a must

Yes, this is essential for taking rounds of client design amends and preventing them from adding further comments when amends are being done - so it doesnt’ get messy!

Branches are only available for Organization plans

I am also in desperate need of this feature. Project managers leaving 20+ comments on my draft files is effectively ruining my workflow. Being able to block comments completely on selected Pages would be extremely helpful. Just being able to hide them is not enough.

Thank you all for your feedback and providing further context!

We’ll continue to pass this feedback along to the team and use Votes to gauge interest from the community and prioritize as needed for future release.

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The possibility to hide and reveal the comment (Shift +C) is great, but doesn’t enable/disable the function of commenting itself. Would be a super useful function to be able to toggle this when project is WIP or in conceptual stages of projects.


Adding to this. Please let us turn the ability to comment on and off from an admin level. It’s extremely distracting getting constant emails from random stakeholders when I’m trying to design, or leave my desk for 10 minutes and come back to 15 comments on an unfinished design.


Also need this please.

yes, same pls help :smiley: