"Empty" Auto Layout Frame keeps the size of last hidden child

Yep this is making booleans frustrating.

CSS collapses to 0, so autolayout should as well. The 0px shape/frame workaround doesn’t work as it requires a 1px minimum height.


+1 agree, removing all content from an autolayout should collapse to zero, as it does in CSS.


I don’t know Figma’s reasoning, but to me it makes sense not to collapse empty autolayout frames because if they become size 0 then it would be tedious to put things inside them.

Why tedious if auto layouts collapse to zero? Easy from Layers tree.

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also having an issue with this trying to build extensible, reusable components. Absolute PITA.

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Still no fix for this?
It’s really annoying!

For example, if you want to have a side by side supporting text and char count in a text field, one aligned left, the other aligned right, they can both live in the same horizontal space.
But if I hide both of them, the space of the autolayout stays visible. It’s not always one or another, sometimes both need to be out from the component.


I don’t understand, this should have been fixed along with the release of Wrapping and Min/Max Widths at Config, more CSS properties. If the goal is to have more parity with how layouts are handled in code, this should be addressed as soon as possible.

Too painful to have to find a workaround and really detrimental to building robust and scalable design systems.

Thanks for the +1
I changed the topic to a feature request to add weight to our complaints! Vote away


+1. I expected that wrapper of hidden booleans also would be hidden.

I’m glad, that you opened this topic.


Same here, would expect it to work the same way as CSS. Very difficult to create scalable and reasonable components.


Hi Figma team, is this topic part of a possible update?

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+1. Please fix. The current implementation is not very intuitive imo.

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Just to bump, as it’s still not fixed. We need this.

Ran into the same issue, still not fixed.
FigJam has AI features now, but we struggle with containers that don’t resize if they are empty :rofl:

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Still experiencing this issue on our components and unable to use a 0px object either.

Can confirm this is a problem we’re encountering with multiple components in our design system, seems obvious that a frame with dimensions set to “hug” should shrink whenever any of its contents are hidden, including the last child, and when all of its contents are hidden it should shrink to zero in the hug dimension(s). Please make it so.


+1. Cant find any workaround, should be possible to collapse to zero

+1 Thanks for reporting this! Seems like an obvious bug.

+1 to all the above comments. I would even tend to add that the auto-layout frame having all child hidden should also be hidden. Reason being if this frame is within another auto-layout frame with spacing between them, the spacing would remain even though one is empty with a 0px height.

There would probably have tweak around even without this addition, but it would probably make our life easier.

Same here, having the same issue and need… Thanks for looking into it Figma!

+1, this is making me so sad :frowning: