Elastic/Responsive slider with Thumb

Looking to build an elastic/responsive slider that stretches the track proportionally with the thumb
I have increments of percentage to completion in my main component, for example:

No problem so far; I was able to make it stretch.

The issue comes when I add the thumb “button.” I could not find any way to make the thumbstick with the track when it’s stretched. I’ve even tried making ghost spaces and placing them on top, but when adding Autolayout, it gets messed up because you cannot use the Z index in Figma. So far, this is the best solution I have found:

The headache here is for the person using the component to adjust the thumb position when stretching manually, but in an ideal world, I would like to behave like an actual slider (accurate). Is there a Figma hack that could do that?

Link to the file: Figma

Hi Daniel, apologies if this doesn’t make sense, but if you could fix the z-index issue that would solve all your problems, correct?

If so, there are a few techniques you could use to enable this, and have the thumb position automatically scale with the slider.

I think the first I would try is embedding the thumb with the bar itself so it is embedded in the same frame as the black and gray bars.

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Hey Nelson,
I resolved, I was too addicted to autolayout, was able to do with scale