Dropdown menu problem prototype

Hello to you beautyfull people,

I hope that you are all fine and had a nice work and projects. :slightly_smiling_face:
If someone can help me, I would thanks it to a moon and back (like a song from Savage Garden) :smiley:
Anyhow, I am creating a step tracking mobile app, and I have struggle with one thing, that bother me so much, that I can’t continue finish this project.
I have created components and variables for dropdown menu, and wanted to, when user open up a challenge tab to first open a various videos for a default type, and then, when user open up and select difficulty of exercise’s to have different kind of videos, etc. when choose beginner opens up videos for beginners, and when choose medium, open up videos for medium group of difficulty.
But, I messed something up, and now when user open up dropdown menu it is fine, and when user open up some category it shown videos for that category, but main problem is when user open up dropdown menu again, it return to a first screen, see link below (unfortunatelly, I cannot still upload videos). :rage:

Please help, I would really appreciate.
If you need anything more from my side, feel free to ask me.

Thank you in advance.

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