Drafts are changing—here’s what you need to know

For users on a Starter or Professional team, we’re relocating where your drafts live. Starting this week, you’ll be asked to move your drafts into a team space.

If you’re on a Starter or Pro team, here’s what to expect:

  • Your drafts are now in a space called “Drafts to move.”
  • You can move your drafts at once into the appropriate teams—or create a free Starter team for all your drafts.
  • When you move your drafts to a team, they will still be private.
  • You will still be able to create and edit drafts free of charge.
  • You may not see this prompt immediately, as we’ll be rolling out this update over the next few days.

Check out the video, below, for a walk-through of this update.

You can read more about this change here on our blog and in our help center

Hi, may I know what will happen to my drafts if I don’t want to move them out? Will they be deleted if they are not in any team’s draft?

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I have a Professional plan through my employer, but when I went to move my drafts:

  • Figma didn’t permit me to move the remaining drafts to my team (there is only the one)
  • I was asked to select a paid plan – which I should already be working within

I haven’t lost access to any of my files (at least, it doesn’t look like it), so I’m not sure why I’m being asked to select a paid plan I already have.

The blog post says this is to make things less confusing, but I am now very thoroughly confused.


how do you move drafts between teams? I had to delete an unused team in order to create a new personal team to move the drafts into. however, after I deleted one team, all my drafts got moved into the remaining team, and now I cannot move drafts into the new team I created for myself. this is frustrating.


Now I have a new question: why isn’t the new team I created showing up in my sidebar? And why, when I search for it, do I have a file saved to that new team open up, seemingly randomly?

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Will there still be an allowance for unlimited personal drafts — even if they’re associated with a team in this change?

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draft files in the beginner team draft room also have limitations such as only being able to create a maximum of 3 files in each project ?

When opening a community file, I’m now only prompted to add to a team on my personal account. There is no option to add community files to my work Figma account.

Are community files restricted to certain pricing tiers now, or is this change making drafts even more complicated?

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They would be automatically placed in a new free Starter team after some time.

Hey @nate14 do you mind sharing more. You should see a dialog window with options to open community files in drafts spaces of any teams you’re a part of

@Zach_Ryan @btiedu You can have unlimited drafts within a Starter team. The limit only applies to collaborative files.

I have a big issue. And it seems to be related to this update.

So, I’m on a free plan and have a draft file that contains a lot of components and styles. And when I logged in today and opened the file 90% of the styles were gone. What should I do now? It’s too much manual work to restore what I had there.

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This definitely shouldn’t have happen. Can you reach out to support (if you haven’t already)? I’ll flag this with the team too to make sure we take a look here

I had a number of files in my oringinal Drafts folder, most of them related to current or completed client work. With this update, I was promted to more them to a new ‘personal’ starter plan.

Now that I’ve done that, there seems to be no way to move these files out of this new Drafts folder or plan. The only options available via the contextual menu are duplicate or delete, and there’s way to drag files between spaces.

How can I move files from this new Drafts folder / Starter plan to their respective project folders on my original professional plan?


Edit: It appears that I can move individual files between teams via the contextual menu but the move option is not available with multiple files selected.

Is there any way to bulk move files?


In other words, free collaborative work becomes a paid service, since drafts in teams do not allow collaborative work / multiple editors like the personal drafts did. And if you have a file with 4 or more pages (which lets be serious, is in more than 99% of serious or collaborative files) and want someone to have edit access, you have to share it in the team, add that person to the team, and switch to a paid subscription to remove this limitation. Correct me if I am wrong.

Otherwise, you are limited to 3 pages per file, 3 files per project, 1 project per team (in case of collaborative files). Which means you can start looking for alternatives or pay for a tool that was once known as the “best free design tool with collaborative features”. For startups or small teams, this change is a killer. And loosing any early-stage project / team will very likely have a big impact in the long run.

I wonder why no one is reacting to this limitation.


Is it possible to move files from one team to another? :unamused:

Hey @Elene1, thank you for reaching out!
Yes this is possible, before you can move a file to a project in a different team, you need to join both teams and have can edit permissions in both teams.
Follow these steps:

  1. In the file browser, find the file you’d like to move.
  2. Right click the file thumbnail and select Move file…
  3. Search for a project or choose from the default options.
  4. Click Move file.

You can find more information in our Help Center article: Move a file

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Hey @Steph12, you’re right! Currently, it’s not possible to do a bulk move of files from one Figma account to another. This can be done on an individual basis, or you can move projects over as they contain groups of files. For a guide on how to complete this process, please see the help center article below (depending on your move preference).

Please let me know if this clears your question!

Thanks, it works! :pray:

Figma was probably in the process of updating when I wrote that comment, and that’s why I couldn’t find it there before.