Don't make me jump around when editing a component master

I find it very aggravating that to edit a master of a local component, I have to jump around to a random part of the document, or restore the component and have it be deposited in some random location. Just let me edit a master in some sort of modal or sidebar interface, regardless of where it is on the canvas or if it’s even on the canvas. This will also make it easier to see how my changes are reflected in my actual design without having to pan or jump around over and over.

Wondering why would you delete master component in a first place?

To avoid having to stop what I’m doing and find a place to put it. Especially noticeable when I’m nesting components. In general, I don’t think designers should have to tend to their components like a garden; they should be automatically managed by Figma.

This is the most controversial style of work I’ve ever heard mate :rofl: I make my own mess on a separate page, and my navigation never breaks. Never thought about deleting master components and then struggle because of that

It’s great that you enjoy manually moving components around and jumping over all the document to edit them, but I’d greatly prefer Figma to provide a more convenient and automatic experience.

For me “go to main component” and “return to instance” do the trick, pretty much seamless experience. But having some sort of “edit” mode for component slots would be awesome. Like when you have a dropdown menu component with flexible items inside… Or some sort of navigation bar. Probably, I will give it a go and visualize this idea one day :beer: