Does Figma have a solution for using "Navigate to" across pages when designing toB web design menus?

I am facing the following issues:

  1. The project has a growing number of pages, which makes it very slow to keep them all on one page, so I have to use different pages.
  2. I cannot use “Navigate to” between different pages, so I must use “Open link,” which causes refreshing every time I click.
  3. A sub-menu component must be placed on each page; otherwise, “Open overlay” will not work.
  4. The sub-menu component frequently becomes disconnected from its parent component for unknown reasons, making the menu unclickable.

Are there any more elegant solutions available?

I have this problem too

Prototyping Tools: You can export your Figma designs and import them into dedicated prototyping tools like Framer, InVision, or Adobe XD. These tools offer more advanced prototyping capabilities, including linking between pages, creating interactive menus, and defining complex interactions.

When I started using Figma I had this issue as well, by pages I take it you mean screens (frames), if not, then “pages” in the Figma design file are often used to organise your workspace, such as designing mockups in one page, components in another, icons in another, etc.

As for a prototype you should note that in order for you to move between screens as an app all screens that you want to include must be in the same Figma page.

  1. First problem - prototyping, to solve this, there’s not solution by Figma, but there are plugins to ease the prototyping process such as Autoflow. Also the issue seems to be not naming screens correctly, I personally name screens like this “Home/user/settings” if a screen is a singular flow, which means this path is the only path to this screen. You can still use it for identifying it, since for me names were too long to fit the dropdown selection box I used the frame highlight when hovering over the names, so it’s a very effective method to categorize screens (use sections as well).

  2. You can’t do this connection to the best of my knowledge, you’ll need to place all screens in the same Figma page, the only possible way to do it is by creating an interactive component and placing it in the page you want to link to.

  3. I don’t really understand what you mean by that, by “pages” you mean Figma pages or screens?

  4. I’d suggest report a bug, although I think it might be a prototyping settings issue.

For future projects make sure you name your screens properly and keep all components in a different page, keep things organized it will solve lots of problems, I’d suggest using the section tool to differentiate between flows.

Hope this helps, have a great day and good luck!

Vote for this, if you haven’t already:

Create one prototype across the pages in a file