Does anybody having problem with figma?

its just loading and loading and when loaded i can use any plugin and i cant even add image

Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch. If you’re experiencing issues with image loading, this article could help you resolve them:

Please take a moment to review it and give the suggested solutions a try.

If the problem persists, I would also recommend going through this general troubleshooting checklist:

Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know.


Copy pasting is proken on Firefox (on macos). You can only copy and paste within a same window/tab. For example screenshotting image data to clibboard and trying to paste it to Figma on Firefox doesn’t do anything.

Hi there,

Thank you for your response! I’ve tried it on my end and it appears to be working fine. I took a screenshot from another app and pasted it into Firefox (MacOS). Here’s a screen recording for your reference:

Could you please confirm if your browser version is supported? If so, could you try force-quitting and restarting Figma in a new browser window? Let’s see if that resolves the issue.


Quitting Firefox without any tabs open and restarting didn’t help.
Firefox 124.
Macos 14.3.1

Thank you for sharing. Despite being in the same environment, I unfortunately cannot replicate the issue you’re experiencing. Can you please contact our support team directly and provide them with a copy of your file? Here is the link:

Please Ensure you’re using the email linked to your Figma account, include the links to the problematic file, and grant access to Rest assured that sharing your file with us will not affect your billing.

Thanks for your patience.