Disable (Not delete) variant interaction

I have created a lot of basic components with interactions and then I used them to create nested components. Eg: A checkbox, a multiselect dropdown using this checkbox, checkbox with label etc. Now the checkbox has an interaction of check/uncheck, same way when you click on the label also this check/uncheck the checkbox.

There will be some places in prototype where I want the user to only select a specific item in the dropdown which will continue the user flow. (I don’t want them to go click around all the items in the list since they also have variant interaction).

So I was hoping wouldn’t it be great if we can disable the variant interactions rather that deleting them as you may need it in the future and resetting the component might trigger some unexpected cases.

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Totally agree, I’d also prefer to hide or disable interactions on instances rather than delete them. But luckily they can easily be restored from the design panel! You can do this in the component section of the panel, there is a sneaky three-dot menu that lets you selectively reset overrides (one of which is removed interactions!):

interaction reset

If you have many interactions applied to a single instance, removed them, and wanted to recover just a select few, that unfortunately isn’t possible. This “reset interactions” action would bring back all interactions. But better than nothing. Until/unless Figma develops what you’ve described, I hope this is a helpful workaround!

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