Directly select a component instead of its child layers

I’d love to be able to use a key modifier to select components at the parent level, even when they’re in frames or groups.

At the moment the options are to direct select the top level of nested frames and then keep clicking until I reach the top level of the component (and hope I don’t click too many times), CMD + Click to select part of the component and hunt in the layers menu for its parent, or generally scroll through layers to try to find the component I’m looking for. I generally find I need to move components around a design more often than I need to adjust their child layers, and it would save a lot of time to have a “select component” keyboard shortcut or tool.

If you press right-click (Ctrlright-click on PC), you’ll get a layer picker for the layers your mouse is hovering over. There, you can easily find your component.


Thanks, @Avokadomos! This is really helpful, but also not a surefire fix when it comes to badly organized/named layers and components. Unfortunately we don’t all have direct control over the libraries we’re using. I still think a “select component” option would be really helpful.

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