Difference between figma and the real devices

Hi everyone, I am coming by with a bit weird problem, namely I have the same font values on Figma and on real devices but on Figma it looks much bigger:

The screenshot on the left is from Figma, on the right is from the device (look at the “Fax to” label)

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
Thanks and have a great day :slight_smile:

Styles on Figma:

Styles on the real device:

@tank666 I am using Figma in browser, the browser scale is set properly to 100%, OS scale is set to default (MacOS) so it has not been changed to large or small.

I don’t know what the default value is in MacOS. It’s probably still not 100%.

I have Windows, and I see differences only in the font rendering.

@tank666 hmm weird, because it also looks smaller on iPhones and Androids, will investigate this issue further

One of my colleagues is struggling with the same issue, did you find the answer?

@Max_de_Mooij Yep, in our case the problem was we are using MUI package for our components. It occurred that the label that comes with input has transform: scale(0.5) styling applied. We removed that property from styles and everything was fine :slight_smile: Maybe try checking if your styling package is not using any styling that distorts your design