Dev Mode -- Dev Seat licensing cost? It's maddening!

Is anybody else surprised – to say the very least and to keep it professional – about the cost of Dev Seat licensing – are people aware its going to be very expensive: $144 per dev seat??? It’s absolutely maddening.

What’s worse is if you share files via “View only” mode, the “Inspector” tab getting stripped down and is barely usable.

I will say this in the nicest way possible. Figma you’re doing something very unkind and absolutely wrong.


It’s disheartening to hear about the significant increase in the cost of Figma Dev Seat licensing. The steep price of $144 per dev seat does seem quite surprising and may pose challenges for many users, especially when it affects the functionality of the “View only” mode with the “Inspector” tab being stripped down. While Figma has been a widely used tool, such pricing changes can make me reconsider my options.


I share the sentiment on the pricing. 25 USD/seat/month is way to much.
That’s around 300 USD a year for just one developer. Only 14 of our developers have actually used dev mode. That’s a whopping 4200 USD a year and they don’t even get access to FigJam or anything else.

The price difference from a dev seat to a design seat is very minimal.
This looks more like Adobe pricing than a Figma pricing.

It was cool for us, but sadly I won’t be adding any dev seats.


It would work if it was cheaper and the API for variables was opened up when purchasing any number of dev mode seats. Because that part is only for enterprises?


Yeah very few at my org have a dev seat, and we are very strict with full edit access. Rather upskill the designers to learn how to handover than pay those prices. My guess is that it was a big upsell for an prospective buyers wanting easy profits.


Yeah as a small agency owner, this is very ADOBE of you. To set the price of a Dev seat at the same price as a Design seat, after introducing the function for free. The dev tool is useful but not justifiable as the same value as the main softwares function. The tool is useless unless the design was made in Figma, so clearly it’s not the same. Id doesn’t actually offer any utility from a dev perspective either, like a dev tool such as Git or Bit - it’s just an attempt to lock in users to a process you introduced for free. Poor form guys.


FYI Adobe XD did NOT charge extra to allow a dev to see a prototype in developer view. All prototypes were shareable with or without a developer view and anyone with access to the internet could see all views.

I am an indie designer but work with outside dev. Since the dev team had six people who periodically needed SOME access my Figma monthly was CRAZY. The pricing might be OK for major agencies, but it’s a brutal gouge for a small business, especially since the Dev team is not actually doing any dev in Figma. They’re just accessing my design specs. Bah.

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