Desktop Figma app: Too many tabs open, can't view the tabs don't fit in the horizontal view

It is very annoying that there’s no horizontal scroll on the tabs bar in Figma Desktop app. I want to have a lot of files open at the same time, but when the tabs get too many and they go under the horizontal fold, there’s no way to see or access them except for using the keyboard shortcuts.

At some point, I don’t even know how many tabs are hidden from my view :person_shrugging:

Please add the ability to scroll or introduce some better tab management.


Thanks for your thought! I have shared this feedback with our internal team and we’ll consider it for future improvements.

When there are many tabs open, there is no handling of tab overflowing. I can’t access many tabs.

Hi @Hong_Peng, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I understand how painful this situation is!
I found the other community member asking for something similar here. So I merged your post to have all the feedback in one place.
Feel free to to give this idea a vote up!


  1. Overflow not being present is very annoying
  2. Even better, being able to actually manage those tabs (for those who use many) would be a life-changer (cough grouping?)
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