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Design System Component scales wrongly in other files

Hi, i have a very simple component with variants. but after scaling it (on both dimensions), when i change the variant, it resets one dimension while keeping the other adjusted, totally distorting/stretching the component.

Its a logo with different elements put into variants.
property 1 - Layout (horizontal, vertical)
property 2 - Outline (with outline, no outline)
so four different versions.
All with "constrain proportions"activated.

As long as I dont change the proportion, it works all fine, but once i change the dimensions- Like lets say i change from 300 to 230 px width, it scales the whole component down, since constrain proportions is active. But when I now switch to a different variant, it keeps the width and resets the height to the original in the component. Completely distorting the thing. I don’t get why it resets just one dimension…

Is that a naming issue? But it seems weird it only changes one dimension.