Delete the contents inside the curated libraries

In all the design files, there are three default libraries in curated libraries. I don’t need them, but I can’t find anywhere to completely delete them. Does anyone know?

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Hey @Asher2 - it’s a bit difficult for me to tell specifically, but I see you have a support ticket open, and someone will be able to take a closer look on that end.

Ty for your patience :pray:t2:

hi. I have the same issue. Are there any guidelines on how to hide or remove this library?

I sent an email to the official contact but have not yet received a reply.

Oh no - I’m so sorry @Asher2. I have someone trying to figure out what happened. I’ll update you when I know more.

Same issue. Would really love to remove these as they are showing up right below our design system and could cause confusion for the team.

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Same issue here. Just started to show up. Is this a bug or a unwanted feature?

This is my worry too. Will cause confusion, clutter to a space. I under stand the desire to have these put there should be an option to not have these show up on every new file.

@ksn Any word on the fix or update?

I’ve got the same issue, these 3 curated libraries just showed up on all my files and we don’t need them. Also, in my admin library settings, I am unable to turn them off.