Data driven designs

Having the ability to create a dataset and then apply that to a component or frame.

Example: I could have a dataset which would sit alongside variables for colours; each item in the dataset would have a title and hex code.

title: ‘Purple’,
hex: ‘#A020F0
}, {
title: ‘Red’,
hex: ‘#FF0000

Then, you could choose a frame and attach a dataset to the frame; anything inside the frame would automatically apply the data, so now I have two cards inside a frame that have the data applied.

One of the annoying things to manage in Figma is components and content. You have to manually go through each element to change and update text or find and replace, but it’s not a simple job. Whereas you could just have a dataset you change, and all designs would update accordingly.

I know you could specify strings in Figma variables, but having each item on a line and then creating and applying modes is not manageable.

There are also quite a few plugins that offer a service similar to this, but again, you have to name layers a specific way and run the plugins every time you want to update something. These feel like they are doing what they can with what they have, but it’s not quite there.