Customizable shortcuts

Bro, I’m literally struggling to hide/show UI with my tablet keyboard, my spanish keyboard, and my windows spanish+english keyboard…

How did you solve it? I have the same problem…

I recommend a third party software product called Keyboard Maestro for US $36. I’m not the first to recommend it, but that is how I solved my keyboard shortcut issues (of which I have several :wink: ).

I have a problem with the ‘ś’ letter in Polish. The Windows shortcut 'right alt+S" opens “Add to version history” which is frustrating… is there a way to bypass?

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you, without using third-party software. Somehow, Figma thinks it’s OK to make keyboard shortcuts without using Control or Command. Which is ridiculous, because only using option and/or shift + any key can always type some sort of character.

Just another unconventional way that Figma decides is OK.


How is this still not fixed? Is it really that hard to have customizable keyboard shortcuts like pretty much any other tool I use?
It’s been over a year since your colleague said it’s in the works. You’ve been ‘actively working’ on this for how long now?

I have dual layout on shift where tapping it creates a bracket (. Somehow it interprets that as the shortcut Shift+1. But for some reason every time I tab shift it zooms to fit. Which happens at least 30 times a day. Then I have to manually zoom back in. I’m going to loose my mind over this. I can’t switch software cause I’m adjusting to my client.
This combined with the recent general bugginess of the software has me desperate to find a new tool to switch to. I am actively looking for alternatives to recommend to future clients.The Keyboard layout switcher ‘fix’ does absolutely nothing for me. It’s frustrating as hell that this seemingly basic feature request is ignored for so many years.

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@fro to be precise: this ticket has been open since Jan 2021

Yeah, and yet another crazy thing? Figma actually thought it was a better idea to work on a physical keyboard than to fix this! Just a little salt in the ol’ wound.

Maybe now that they’re getting $1,000,000,000(!) they can spend a little of that on solving this.

Three years and counting…


Someone else has probably brought this up, but I need to be able to quickly switch the snapping. Having only one shortcut for pixel grid makes moving from designing to grid to having more flexible positioning makes this lack of customization a pain point for me.

Not to mention all of my other use cases. But particularly, switching snapping is incredibly clunky.

Not having the ability to remap or turn off single character shortcuts goes against WCAG accessibility because they could interfere with screen readers. Understanding Success Criterion 2.1.4: Character Key Shortcuts | WAI | W3C
For example the “c” (comment) shortcut should be able to be remapped to another combination or Figma should allow us to turn it off. I’m forever hitting it.

I would have thought Figma would provide this before they are held liable?? Especially in Europe where accessibility standards are WCAG 2.1 AA.

How about it @Josh ? Ready to be legally compliant in Europe?

For windows users just use this for now, Clavier+. Lightweight and it has a simple UI not complicated like AutoHotKey.

And again I have to revert to old version because a huge project is messed up by opt + cmd + T and all text layers are center aligned and since I didn’t notice it before I can’t just undo…


P.S. Same with shortcuts like “Bold”, “Quit” etc.
Why are they even there?


Ohgods that sounds terrible

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And who at Figma decided: 1. That “T” makes sense for centering text? Like, nearly every other piece of software since MacWrite has used “C”. 2. Who else uses command-option for aligning text? The original keystrokes were command-shift, and then became just command (in word processors). The lack of adherence to existing norms is so flagrant across the keyboard shortcuts, it blows my mind every time.

And that is why we need to be able to customize them. Because so many of the shortcuts that Figma has invented are unique, and therefore, they are difficult to learn and get triggered by mistake.