Create one prototype across the pages in a file

Top needed feature also pls

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+1 Gogogo Figma Team

This should be your #1 priority @Figma_Support

Please share some status with the community!

+1 !! With my very large company migrating over to Figma as our #1 Design app, this was a disappointing limitation to discover. We have a fairly large application that needs to have cross-page links be seamless in order to create a realistic prototype.

Has anyone come up with a plugin to solve this problem yet? That might be the best way to approach solving this and get the attention of Figma by the sheer volume of us that would use it.

+1 on this from a brand new user! I just went to start linking screens and cannot believe linking between pages is not possible. I’ve been able to do that for the past 4 years in Sketch and InVision

Hi Josh - It has been about 9 months since your last update. Any good news for all of us? If each of these nearly thousand requests represents a company, how many designers are dreaming of this feature. Since using Figma, I look up this issue at least once a month to try to figure out a work around!

This is exactly my issue as well

I’m working to build a Design System in Figma right now and I’m very dismayed to find that the list of all Pages doesn’t show up in the Design Preview Mode. I have to launch each Page separately and cannot link between items on different pages. Big time sad face here.

This essentially makes Pages 75% useless for me. Please add the ability to link between Pages and IMPORTANTLY: to see and be able to switch between the list of pages in Design Preview Mode

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+1 really need this to properly identify when different pages link to the same UI, currently have duplicates of the same UI and it isn’t clear to devs the UI already exists on another page when in prototype mode