Create one prototype across the pages in a file

This is a critical feature I was so surprised not to have after moving to Figma from Sketch and it is still lacking. Especially for bigger service prototypes or bigger design organisations it’s a nightmare to keep everything on same page. When creating proper Design system component libraries that have prototype links, it is a must to have things neatly organised in pages rather than one HUGE page with hundreds artbaoards and library components.


+1 This really limits prototype feature, and prototypes is great

‘Open Figma Link’ would be a usable workaround as it’s been 1.5 years since the original suggestion…

+1 Badly needed.

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Hope this drives home how I have to let my own clients down because of your stupid limitation, Figma team!


I’m over here hoping they’ll soon allow linking across files (not just across pages in a single file), but Figma hasn’t even learned to walk, let alone run.

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WTF - 1,5 years of users screaming for this essential feature and no response from Figma team. It’s even crazy easy to implement, this is a “low hanging fruit” !


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Come on Figma! I need this feature so bad.


We just moved from Sketch to Figma… and now we can not complete our prototypes, this is bad! Please Figma, add this to your software!


Agreed - at my last company we used Sketch - while there are quite a few features I really enjoy in Figma, but I am still baffled that you cannot link multiple pages together into a single prototype. Working on enterprise software, this seems like such a basic functionality and I am really surprised that it is missing.


I’ve been trying to work out how to link pages, thinking I’m the one missing something… so I find this thread and am baffled.

So, for example, I have a local components page where I want to house all my components. These components contain links that need to interact with other parts of the site. I assumed I could link CTA within a component, then go to my ‘main’ page, place the component wherever it’s needed and the link would work. It doesn’t.

So, we’re being forced to have files that aren’t as organised or as tidy as we’d like until this gets sorted. Come on Figma…


+1 This would be great!

+1 This would be so useful. Its like we can break separate parts of the application so it doesn’t get all cluttered. Thanks Figma Team for such an amazing product!

+1 I’m entirely shocked this isn’t possible so that a single page truly only shows a single webpage. After spending hours in Figma creating a multi-page website design, I will now need to recreate it in another platform that enables the ability to create a clickable prototype between pages.

+1 Need to have

Yo! @Figma_Support Can you get your product owners to pay attention to the users?

This should be trivial as hell to implement. Now we need it too.

I rarely say “Figma sucks!” Today I did.


+1 Need this asap

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페이지간 이동 해결되면, 삶의 질이 달라지는 수준이 될 것 같네요

This is literally the only thing stopping me from moving across to Figma, but the lack of any reply from them is a big concern. Is this part of the development roadmap or not?

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