Create one prototype across the pages in a file

This is a critical feature I was so surprised not to have after moving to Figma from Sketch and it is still lacking. Especially for bigger service prototypes or bigger design organisations it’s a nightmare to keep everything on same page. When creating proper Design system component libraries that have prototype links, it is a must to have things neatly organised in pages rather than one HUGE page with hundreds artbaoards and library components.


+1 This really limits prototype feature, and prototypes is great

‘Open Figma Link’ would be a usable workaround as it’s been 1.5 years since the original suggestion…

+1 Badly needed.

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Hope this drives home how I have to let my own clients down because of your stupid limitation, Figma team!

I’m over here hoping they’ll soon allow linking across files (not just across pages in a single file), but Figma hasn’t even learned to walk, let alone run.

WTF - 1,5 years of users screaming for this essential feature and no response from Figma team. It’s even crazy easy to implement, this is a “low hanging fruit” !

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Come on Figma! I need this feature so bad.

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