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Create one prototype across the pages in a file

This is an enormous gap. I recently purchased Figma for my team. If I had known about this issue, I would have had reservations about Figma. Being unable to link pages is a ton of extra work. And the only quasi-workaround seems to be to put each screen on a separate page with each link opening a new tab; creating a ridiculous prototype experience. Please prioritize this as an urgent issue and at minimum give us a workaround where links don’t have to open new tabs…


Can’t believe this is still not possible. Figma is a very immature prototyping tool without this, limited to just creating a few flows and animations, not truly prototyping the information architecture of a large site or app. It is not workable to have 50 screens on one page, not moving the company to Figma until this is possible. Just so bizarre.


I agree with the other commenters. Our team is looking at switching from Sketch to Figma, and this would make it very challenging for us to prototype larger apps and websites. From a UI perspective, this could be elegantly solved by sub dividing the ‘Navigate To’ dropdown by page. This dropdown could also benefit from search.


I agree too.
This would make working and organizing projects a lot easier.

I’ve read a few comments on this thread. Definitely great arguments for this to be implemented. We’re working on a massive web app (up to ten pages per document and 20-30 or even more layouts per page).
Like many in here, we’re also looking to switch our entire design workflow from Sketch to Figma, and we’re currently testing to see which feature might stop us from doing that. So far this is definitely one of them.
Looking forward to this feature, Figma! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I was really surprised that among so many advanced feature such a basic and necessary feature is missing :frowning: This is really needed to keep projects organized.

Now with connected component libraries, Figma should consider also navigating in prototypes not only across pages but across files within a project as well.

If I create my components in a separate file - component library (for example menus), in main project file I have to create prototype links for each menu item in each screen separately! Not mentioning when you need to change something you have to change a hundred links…

Figma please, stay on top of this.


This feature is sorely needed. Managing everything in one file is very cumbersome for most projects. Is there any hint on whether this is being looked at by the Figma team?

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Honestly outrageous this isn’t available. My files are massive, putting all the screens on one page gets very crowded. Using prototypes for user testing is essential to our business.

My team and I just spent hours today trying to resolve this need, realizing that it indeed is a gap for Figma and not ignorance on our part.

I’m surprised a Figma representative has not replied to this forum? Any updates?


Feature is really needed.

Can we get an official comment on this feature request please?