Create one prototype across the pages in a file

Hey everyone,
my teammate found a temporary workaround for this.

Let’s say you have a page header or navigation containing links which you want to connect to different screens. But the original component and the screens are placed in different pages so they don’t appear in the interaction “On Click Navigate to” menu.
Also, you’re using component instances of the navigation in each screen.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Move the original navigation component to the same page where all screens are.
  2. Place your interaction noodles and connect the nav links to the screens.
  3. If you’ve connected everything, right-click the original nav component and select “Move to page” → select the desired page where it belongs to.
  4. The connections should still be intact in the instances used in the screens.

“Move to page” is essential here, using cut and paste instead will not work.
Unfortunately, we could not reproduce it 100% of the time, sometimes even with this method the connections still got removed.
Consider trying it though. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks! This feels like a bug to be honest but as long as it works… :grinning:

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So, it has been just over 2 years since this was originally posted and there is seriously no solution to this!? In that same amount of time, I’ve worked a few different contract jobs where the companies have bailed on Figma for this exact reason. We’d create larger prototypes to sell ideas through but to create larger scale prototypes, everything would have to be on the same Figma “Page” for all the prototype linking to work. But trying to add links to dev tickets became way too frustrating for devs to follow so devs would successfully lobby to dump Figma. If we could use Figma Pages as actual pages and then link between all the pages, this would make Figma WAAAAAAY easier to manage larger development projects.


They will add it when GTA 6 releases, don’t worry.


HAHA, that actually made me laugh out loud. :slight_smile:


:tada: thank you!

Hey, at least we got video playback! LOL :disguised_face:


This is a great feature


Figma, any updates on this? I can’t believe I just scrolled through years of requests to find it still not provided …

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Maybe someone at Adobe can help you guys figure this one out?


Well this is some serious nonsense. This is a bug, not a feature request, Figma. I’m a ‘team’ of 2. I invested in using Figma and things like this make me want to tear my hair out.

I would love this feature. For larger projects, I would also love an easier to way to link to other prototypes as well. Right now we have to do an Open Link to get to one prototype to another but that forces opening a new tab in the browser and delays while you wait for the prototype to load. It does not look seamless when this happens which can be difficult if used for a wide audience demo.

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Nearly 18 months since Figma support said it was “well aware of this need”. Nothing yet.
I know there are workarounds.
They are fine for a few screens on two or three pages but for a large project with hundreds of screens on multiple of pages they just aren’t practical.

Please @Figma_Support :pray:


Adding support for this need. @Figma_Support :pray:

Yeah I learnt that the hard way. Had a whole bunch of trickery with collapsible sub-menus only to realise there were (and still are) some pretty decent bugs preventing the prototypes from remembering the actual content of a menu after it was collapsed.

need this feature +1

This needs to be updated ASAP. @Figma_Support

This is something my team really needs, and a lot of others too @Figma_Support ! Please provide the people with an update

Really needs this. My clients wants the whole app to be prototyped. 300+ screen in one artboard – this can’t be the solution. It can be done in Sketch - why is this not possible in Figma?

we are waiting for that feature @Figma_Support :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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