Create one prototype across the pages in a file

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I am new to figma and just assumed that this would be possible. Its crazy it isn’t and unacceptable people have been asking for it for so long

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I’m not a designer, but a Frontend dev. Doing my poor designing stuff quickly felt the need of navigating from one page to another, since maintaining pages in pages INSTEAD OF FRAMES is actually logic. Atomic design is the first thing to tell: segment as much as possible turn the whole idea in a bunch of atoms. Then mix them as you please.
Figma’s team are missing a big point and forcin the community to do bad practices in design, quite disapointing. after opening this topic now 1,5 years ago

@Figma_Support can you please at least update us on this? This is a crucial feature that is missing from Figma that is hamstringing a lot of us. It’s been over a year and a half and has been like a year since the last update. How have you not implemented this yet? How have you just ignored this for this long without even letting us know what’s happening?

We don’t need sleep. We need answers.

Bumping this thread…

OMG, this can’t be real @Figma_Team @Figma_Support
Can you give us at least a update about it?