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Create interaction across components

It would be nice if it allows creating interactions between components, not limited to variants in a component. While doing that, it would be even better if we could see the components/variants in the flow of the interaction and replace the variants without a lot of replicates.

Use cases:
For example context menu, the interaction for all the context menus would be the same:

  • Click on the button
  • Show context menu as an overlay

Right now, the button and the overlay are two different components. To make use of the interactive components, I will need to make another component to bring both components into one, then build interactions. It would be nice if I can directly make interactions on the components.

Another request is the items in the context menu can be different for different screens. It would be good to allow me to change where each item links without a lot of duplicates.

I’d like to tack on to this. If there are 3-4 sets of variants, I would like to display a particular variant based on the selections made. This would help any prototype that includes pricing and totals.

Apple (selected)
Quantity (2)
Price: $0.70

Orange (not selected)

Order total (based on apple component variant and quantity variant - choose order total variant)

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