Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

This is how we are organised.

Organisation > Team > [ DOMAIN ] SECTION

Within the section we have the following.

All latest works grouped by modules and in the files the pages are freeform

Files for team members within one team

Creative zone again with grouped by modules

As a draft user / solo user … it’s good to have a folder where you can drop your works per month … would be really good addition to organize other than the default one


I was surprised there was no way to organize by folders in main menu at start of app and all files are displayed in a grid. Please make a menu on the sidebar to create folders and and place particular files in those folders since these files are not stored locally!


I really want this feature to organize my files.

Can you give a status update on this?

Seems like not very sophisticated feature:

Either add folders as a optional organisational unit between projects and files (super easy to implement)
Or replace projects with folders (seems much harder to implement)

The important thing i think is that folders can nest other folders inside

In general please let us know if figma is investigating/working on this. And if some general status of this issue if possible. Thanks

I think this is a critical issue since introduction of figjam

Because you can’t even create pages in figjam so you’re stuck with 1 level organisational structure for your project figjams

Why me? I don’t work for Figma. Also they almost never announce or tell any future updates even if you ask the team directly, so nobody ever knows what they are working on.