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Create Folders/Categories/Tags for files

The changes to the Starter plan in late April will present some new challenges in regards to organizing files. As most users under this plan move their work to the Drafts section, files will quickly become scattered chaos.

Possibly the simplest solution would be to allow project/file organization under Drafts the same as a Team. This would basically mean that Drafts would function as a single member team while the paid accounts would have access to collaborative teams.

Here’s a quick mockup:


That would be a PAIN relief as you have to get through stuff very hard! Specially when I browse through community files and would like to save and organize them for later usage!


I used to have a “Personal” team (just me and my ideas), with “Archive” and “Workbench” projects acting as folders to organize Drafts. Now that there’s a file number limit to Starter Teams, I either have to create “Personal 1”, “Personal 2”, “Personal 3” teams (I’m not going to do that, probably), or we need some way of organizing Drafts.

Figma is useful for personal stuff, and I’m glad Drafts are unlimited, but my previous method of organizing them is no longer possible, so we need something else.


Yep. Very needed, especially with the new changes. Truthfully, it is needed anyway even for Pro accounts.

Best solution: nestable folders in drafts.

Simplest solution (seemingly): projects in drafts (which are basically a one level folder).

Alternative solution: tags which would be a new organization model but would help with the messy draft area.


I know this is not a solution and it can come out as a very obvious thing, but what I do to organize my boards in “Drafts”, is by giving them tag(s) in their name, i.e.

  • Project 1: Logo: some file name
  • Personal: idea: my super crazy idea #1
  • Project 2: Logo: some other file name or same file name as other
  • Random: chart: xyz: abc: some brainstorm chart name

This way, when I search “Project 1” or “Personal” or “Logo” in a search-bar, it pretty much works like I have opened up a folder or I am filtering with a tag. Btw, I also keep all the tag-names or projects I have in my notes (app)

Having said that, it would be amazing if we have proper tagging or folder feature so I can colorize them!

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@Mali_Naeemi well, that is the simplest solution and already in our own hands. Brilliant. Thanks for posting. I hope that Figma will address some sort of organization in drafts but they may not. I imagine that years from now, assuming Figma continues to be the go-to tool, that we will all have hundreds of files in drafts, if not thousands. Something needs to be done about organization eventually, in my opinion.

I suspect that Figma’s stance is to simply pay for the pro account, then you get Teams and Projects to organize your work. Certainly a reasonable stance and of course it is important to pay for a tool essential to your work. I do have a pro account for work but I use the starter account to keep a separate interest which I would love to keep organized too.

Hopefully this will get sorted. In the long term, it must be sorted or everyone’s accounts will be a mess eventually, pro or starter.


The advantage of tags is that they can be used across each other (e.g., File 1 can be part of Project 1 and Project 2).

The advantage of nesting tags is it allows them to establish parent-child relationships (e.g., Project A and Project B are parents of Project C, so C’s files appear within the scope of A and B).

This kind of thing happens in real life all the time but we usually don’t have the storage method to accurately organize it.

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Hey, there! It has been some time since FigJams got introduced and I feel like there could be improvements made to the Drafts page.

  1. Organizing my files by folders. I download community files, UI/UX kits, Mockups, it would be great to have them in one folder.

  2. Separating FigJam and Design files? I understand that it is currently distinguished by the icons, but could it be better?

In my vision, it could look something like this:


this needs more votes.

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Now that figma needs professional to add more files to teams, can it become an option to create groupings of files in the drafts? I personally only used the teams feature because it would easily categorize my different projects (without sharing it with others) but now I am stuck to using drafts only and having all my files just being scattered and mixing with each other.

I’d love to see a simple feature where you can create folders or groups within your drafts in order to categorize your personal files. Or another solution to the chaotic mess that is drafts.


  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

  2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

  3. Ask questions to bring the community into the conversation
    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.

  1. I find it irksome having to glance through designs I’ve worked on. I also hate that personal works and client works are all in one place. Yes, there is the search option and I can always create an additional account for just my personal works (but I really shouldn’t have to).

  2. As a freelancer, I might want to group my design projects as Fintech, Health, Personal works, That sort of thing. Can we have folders or something…to make this happen? This will be really great, especially in terms of organization and ease (well, for me).

  3. Does anyone else feel this way? Is there some sort of tool or plugin to get this done already?

Thank you.

Yes, sorting option, please.

I used teams feature as folders :slight_smile:
But since 21 Apr there’s a limit of up to 3 files per team.
It’s super inconvenient to search files in drafts whiting duplicated files from the community, UI references, real personal projects, portfolio concepts, Figma and community presentations, and even Figjam.
We need something to reduce this clutter, please.

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I totally agree, I just need folders in drafts!