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Today I have to save the emails inviting me to a file, there is no place to see all files shared with me. Recent doesn’t save the list, just shows what was recently accessed. I believe the problem is felt most when the person is sharing a file from their Drafts, as opposed to something that has been published that can be searched for and found in Figma.

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Microsoft Office/Google has a feature which enables users to see all the files shared with them for easy access.

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Is there a work around to saving the links to shared files? Sometimes it’s not even an email but a link someone is sending via chat message. Seems plugin can’t solve for this as it’s above the file level. Was thinking I need to create a folder in my browser bookmarks to save each share link?



Yes, this is needed. Praying to Figma gods as we speak. :innocent:


The title says it all. I have multiple individuals and teams sharing files with me and the only place I can find them is in the recent folder, or by searching for them. This slows me down incredibly.


  1. Create a dedicated “Shared with you folder”
  2. Allow categorizing them in your own folders and have them work as hyperlinks, this way the original location is not changed on the side of the sharer