Create "Files Shared with Me" view

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Today I have to save the emails inviting me to a file, there is no place to see all files shared with me. Recent doesn’t save the list, just shows what was recently accessed. I believe the problem is felt most when the person is sharing a file from their Drafts, as opposed to something that has been published that can be searched for and found in Figma.

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Microsoft Office/Google has a feature which enables users to see all the files shared with them for easy access.

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    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.

Is there a work around to saving the links to shared files? Sometimes it’s not even an email but a link someone is sending via chat message. Seems plugin can’t solve for this as it’s above the file level. Was thinking I need to create a folder in my browser bookmarks to save each share link?



Yes, this is needed. Praying to Figma gods as we speak. :innocent:


The title says it all. I have multiple individuals and teams sharing files with me and the only place I can find them is in the recent folder, or by searching for them. This slows me down incredibly.


  1. Create a dedicated “Shared with you folder”
  2. Allow categorizing them in your own folders and have them work as hyperlinks, this way the original location is not changed on the side of the sharer



OMG. Figma… do something. It is such a pain to look for shared files in “Recents”


I work with a lot of partner teams who do not share a core “Team folder” in Figma. However, we share designs. Problem is, when they share a link to a design, I dont have a way to build my own folder of Team X’s designs for my reference. I have to save the URL in another doc.

I dont want to duplicate the file either because work is still ongoing.

I’d like to bookmark the file in a new folder so i can easily find them in the future.


I work in a large organization with many design teams. We collaborate across design teams, but each TEAM has their own “Team” within Figma.

It’s absolutely frustrating and chaotic to try and save the links for files I’m sent. I end up creating a note pad, or a note within my current Figma file linking out to those other teams’ files. I would love instead to create “Work spaces” (See Google Docs, but make it more figma-y) that let me stash a bunch of file “shortcuts.”

If I can view it, comment on it, or edit it, I want an easy way to be able to find it later. “Recently viewed” isn’t good enough. I often look at other peoples files in the process of critiques, design shareouts, and other things. Simply looking at a filed doesn’t mean I’ll need to come back to it anytime soon.


(FWIW, someone else proposed this as well: “bookmark-another-teams-design-file”)

  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this

I work with designers across different teams within our org, and even within different orgs. We tend to share files for reference and collaboration. Because the files live within that particular team/org’s project folder, in order to rediscover the file, I’ll need to either sift through my “Recent” files or basically reach out to the designer for the link again.

Providing some sort of meta-organizing mechanism, outside of project folders, allowing me to collect bookmarked projects from across the org would help address this issue.

  1. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

  2. Ask questions to bring the community into the conversation
    (e.g. Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?, etc.

How else do people solve this?? (I do not use figma in a web browser, so I think web browser bookmarks are insufficient.)

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Echoing the same thoughts as above. I also work at a large enterprise company and I’m needing to reference, share, or work across tons of files, both within my direct Figma Team and, more frequently, other’s Teams. I would be ecstatic to be able to “star,”
“favorite,” or “bookmark” individual Figma or FigJam files so I could easily find, open, or share them. “Starred” could live in a left nav tab underneath “Recents” and “Drafts”.

My workaround is currently to save URLs of files in other programs like OneNote or have to bookmark messages within Teams (but often lose the context of the file with the second method).


Definitely need this feature as soon as possible. It’s a pain searching for files!!


I need this feature too. Working in a huge org and keeping track of files shared with me or to keep for reference later is difficult. I was using a plugin before that was discontinued and so I lost all my saved files. Simply bookmarking them in chrome is not a smooth user experience, as it opens the file in the browser, then in Figma, leaving you with redundant tabs and it’s jerky and messy. Just a regular bookmarks feature would be great like in a browser but within Figma.

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Totally agree with all said here - the “files that were shared with me” thing is chaotic - i definitely want within a team (!!) the ability to see files that i created and files that were shared with me.
A file that was shared with me, i want the ability to add it to a specific team.

Today, which is ridiculous, i made a link list in NOTION in order to keep track and manage it.
Guys, you must take care of this - its becoming very annoying…

Yes, as a designer I’m constantly being asked to resupply links to projects by PMs etc

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On top of this issue, if I share a file with someone outside your organization with “Only people invited to this file” permission setting, the person you share it with gets the notification, can open the file from that or the link, can add it to favourites but doesn’t see it in “Recents”. The file becomes visibile in “Recents” only if I change the permission settings to “Anyone with link”. How is this a feature and not a bug?

This is driving me crazy… I’m working on 2 large files that are shared and I’m not the owner, the fact that they only show up in the “Recently closed tabs” under the file menu are are nowhere to be seen in the home landing section and do not show up in favorites even when you add them to favorites from the actual file… is extremely frustrating.

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Amazing, this still doesn’t exist? Leaving out the ability to see shared files in a centralized location is not a small oversight

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I’ve been favouriting these types of files as a “solution” – a step above absolute chaos.

Hoping to surface this request! Favoriting files only goes so far when working across a huge design org. I don’t want to be forced to favorite 100 files just because there is no “Shared with me” view.


over 1 year later and still praying for this view! for privacy reasons we can’t have everyone on one project, so other than managing links in a list there’s no way of seeing all “Shared with Me” in one place. super frustrating! For now I keep everything in my Favorites because “recently viewed” is too ephemeral.

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As a consultant who works with multiple different teams this is really necessary for my workflow. We should be able to arrange other’s files into groups. At a minimum, it should show up under “Teams” as a team you don’t belong to.

This is one of my biggest frustrations with Figma. Sometimes, I’ll get an email that a board has been shared, but don’t always get an opportunity to open it right away, then when I’m working on a related topic, the only way to find the board is to contact the person that shared it or hunt down the email. Recents is only useful if you’ve actually opened the board and adding them as favorites is a poor workaround. I need a view of all boards I have access to.