Create a New Branch for a specific Page Only

I’d love to have an ability to create a branch for a single page only. That way for bigger projects it wouldn’t take so long to load when creating the branch for all 50+ pages when all I need is just some edits done safely in one.

I’m currently doing a sort of a workaround where I create a new branch and quickly deleting all the other pages i don’t need using a plugin. But ofcourse I can’t merge such file…so I’m left with copy-pasting back to the source file when I’m done with edits.

Also one of the pros of having a single-page branches is that we use custom covers for source project but when switching to branch in dashboard you can quickly see what’s inside that branch. This gives a very nice overview of what’s inside.

I’m thinking something like right-click on the page in the left page sidebad could have “Create branch for page” link that does that.

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Hey Darius, thanks for your feedback on this. Just merged this with an existing topic where others from the community have a similar idea! :slight_smile: