Feature request: Page Branch

Would be very useful to have an option to create a branch from a page. I am working on a DS and having separate branches for pages/components would be very useful.

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This is something I would love to see! I have Branches for different components and whenever the Main file changes I have to update everything and it takes forever! I believe that branching a page could be closer to what code does! :slight_smile:

I also would like to use page branches, as my files are split product-wise, and pages are feature-wise. So it’d be faster to load one page instead of the whole enormous file. Plus, sometimes I see the “File out of memory” error while merging branches. Smaller branches = smaller memory use, and I could safely update features without fearing that my changes fill up the 2gb RAM restriction

Great idea. I would love to see that. And it definitely makes a lot more sense

I like this idea, although I think it may be better to be able to branch a component, so you can contain your work to just a single component, once it is ready merge back in and publish.