Copy Paste slow/lag

Whenever I copy a component or group it takes about 8-10 seconds to execute the command. Everything else freezes. Nothing else is slow. I’ve tried clearing the cache.

Mine takes a couple of minutes to copy/paste, which really slow downs my productivity. I checked the memory usage of the file and it’s only at 30%.
Figma needs to improve this.

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Same here. It’s been really bad for the past week or so and still lagging for me today.

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Hi, Thanks for flagging this! Could you try both the desktop and browser app (or different browsers) to see if this is happening on both or both areas?

If the issue occurs only in a browser app, it may be due to a browser extension. This can persist across devices if you use the same Chrome profile.
Please disable your browser extensions one by one and check after each to identify the cause.

What may also help is by clearing your cache. Could you please try clearing your cache in the browser and Desktop app and see if this helps?

Mac: In the Help menu under Troubleshooting.
Windows: Under the toggle arrow at the right of the top toolbar under Help > Troubleshooting.

Please also check our help center article here:Technical troubleshooting tips

Hope it helps! If it still doesn’t help, please reach out to our support team
(with URL link to the file, which is affected. Share a quick screen recording or screenshots demonstrating this issue and indicating if this is happening in the browser, desktop app, or both) so they can investigate further here:


Same here, windows app is very slow.

Same for me. It’s been like this for at least a week.

Hi there, Thanks for writing in! If the issue persists after trying basic troubleshooting, reach out to our support team through the link above so that we can take a closer look!

Same here. Using the browser version.

The timeline is about the same as the others are saying, first noticed this about 2 weeks ago, early December.

At the same time, I’ve noticed it being slower to move components with many children, select the children of such components, or directly edit their text. The deeper down the layers, the worse this issue seems to be.

Hi, Our engineering team has deployed a fix for the lag when copy-pasting using shortcut issue. Please refresh the file, and if this still an issue, please do let us know by filling out a form here:

Thank you all for your help here by reporting this!