Copy paste append add fill, stroke single color or effect

This is currently painful to copy/paste properties from a layer to another one, simply because it copies and override ALL the properties. But this is not, most of the time, what I am trying to do. Most of the time, I am looking to copy/paste only 1 of the many properties found in that layer, ie a colour or effect and my goal is not to overwrite all the 2nd layer’s properties, but instead “append” that copied style to the existing ones.

EX: Copy innerShadow X from layer1. ADD (append) to layer2’s effects, without impacting the colours and effects that are already there.

That being said, the feature request is to be able to copy a specific colour or an effect applied to a layer/frame, while including all its opacity, gradients, and other properties, and paste it to another layer/style without impacting the existing layer’s properties.

Hi @Jc_Martel, such a possibility already exists.

  1. Select the desired layer;
  2. Select grid, fill, stroke color or effect;
  3. Copy with the keyboard shortcut (Cmd / Ctrl + C);
  4. Select another layer and paste (Cmd / Ctrl + V).

You can see a GIF example with copy and paste fill in this post: Figma Basics - How to override image in instance - #4 by Gleb


This is awesome… I did not know this was possible. This is going to change my life…

thanks @tank666

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