Copy/Move variable groups into other collections

surprised this isn’t a feature yet, bump !


Would love to be able to move variables to another collection. This would be helpful for moving a variable up or down in abstraction (ie. Component > Semantic).

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We need that so much too :frowning: We are beginners with Figma, we started to create our variables one way… now we need to extend and reorganize and it is really frustrating.

+1. This is very much needed.

Is this still not a thing? Come on guys!

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Bump! The deeper I dive into variables in Figma the more disappointed I am with how limited they are. Why can’t we still move variables between collections without loosing their references with the components? Why can’t we still override library variables with the local ones to create custom brand solutions keeping all variety of modes without weird workarounds? The use of export/import plugins is hardly helpful here. I was hoping that Config 2024 will bring us good news, but alas!


My thoughts exactly!

It has already been a year. Figma should’ve added this by now… Hopefully soon.

Under the hood variables are just basic JSONs, how can this not be implemented after 1 year?

Why is this simple, user-expected feature still not implemented in half of 2024?