Copy and paste Figma comments

I often need to copy and paste frames to a different Figma page or elsewhere in the same page. However, comments are not copy-pastable to my knowledge.

These frames always contain valuable comment threads that I keep to record important discussions that have design implications.

My only recourse is to either (1) manually drag comments to a location in the same page or (2) manually create new comments and copy/paste the original comments’ text copy.


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My company lets developers access one master doc–us designers create our designs in our messy files, clean things up, and then paste everything in the master doc.

I LOVE THE COMMENTING FEATURE, but bc I can’t copy/paste comments, I can’t communicate specs/interactions with my dev team in this way. Can we make copy/pasting comments along with designs into another Figma file possible please?

Right now I have to transcribe comments into out-of-frame design elements for my handoff.


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YES PLEASE! This is absolutely necessary and would really improve the experience. So far there is nothing that solves this.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Stacy_Chen1 and @gabi4!

We’ve merged your request with an existing one to ensure we have an accurate gauge of interest from the community.