Convert SVG to frames

I have been exploring how to create a pipeline:

Complex SVG graphic → Figma Frames

There are a lot of tools that allow SVG to be exported, but as far as I can tell, none that will take an SVG and try to convert elements into regular Figma frames. Does something like this exist? Thanks.

You don’t need any converters because you can import SVG into Figma. Just drag and drop the SVG files onto the canvas. Figma itself converts them into nodes (frames, groups, vectors, etc.).

I guess I was asking if there was a direct tool, Ai-driven, that tries to build a Figma model from an image, somewhat similar to

Look for plugins in Figma Community:

No plugin seems to do the 1-step. Still have to manually pick apart the SVG.

Could you describe more clearly what you want to do and get? This will help anyone understand the problem and suggest a solution.

OK, use case:

  1. Start with bitmap from AI tool
  2. Convert to vectors, using AI tool like
  3. Starting from SVG, create standard collection of Figma frames, images.
  4. Use dev mode, or move into a tool like UiChemy, which can convert a Figma model into a wordpress template file usable in Elementor, or Locofy, which creates ReactJS UI.

One would want modern AI support for the conversion - basically duplicate the steps a human designer would use to convert an SVG of a mobile screen to a Figma model.

Traditional converters are dumb, but LLM-style AI systems seem to be able to create in a more intelligent way. Locofy gets the visuals nearly perfect in conversion, and UiChemy gets about 80% of they way to WordPress. Both are using AI.

So, seems like something that might be in the works.