Convert stickies to shapes

I have a bunch of stickies that I’d like to make into shapes (rectangles) so that I can resize them/remove authorship. Is there a way to do this besides copy and pasting text into a new shape?


I need this too! During a brainstorm you don’t want to worry much about formatting. After the brainstorm, I need to use different shapes in the flows / artefacts that result.
Stickies are only squares or (a particular type of) rectangle. It would be great to convert the content to a shape to have greater control over the shape without having to copy & paste.


Hey All,

Thanks for the feedback! While we don’t have a quick action or keyboard shortcut for this right now, we’ve updated your topic into a feature request to continue to gather feedback from the community and votes of interest.

Hopefully, this is something we can consider to implement in the future!

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