Convert Figma files to editable PDF forms

Hi, as I’m always on the lookout to work more efficiently, I’ve been surfing the web looking for a specific answer to my question which I haven’t found so I’m guessing I already know the answer, but here goes. I need to make an editable form in PDF which my client can open and fill in, in PDF. I can make up the form in PDF, either from scratch or from an existing PDF (exported from Figma), but the latter doesn’t work because even if I add form fields to my Figma file, Acrobat doesn’t recognize them. I found a plugin called Pitchdeck Presentation Studio which is great but it doesn’t say anything about fillable forms. I’ve tried the plugin CopyDoc Textkit which is also amazing but nothing on fillable forms. The only option I see now is to make the file in Figma without formfields, export it to PDF and add the formfields in Acrobat afterwards. Does anyone know a more effective workaround? Thx

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