Control over Auto Layout default settings (Hug, Fixed, Filled)

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Every time I enable Auto Layout (AL), the detail setting is set to Hug Contents. I realize that in some cases, it makes sense, but not always. We use the fixed width/height quite often, and changing it manually every time to fixed is pretty annoying.

Probably introduce a user setting for default AL behaviour or remember the last setting used. Meaning that if I used Fixed the last time, it would be the initial setting next time I enable AL.

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AL is a versatile tool, and more flexibility would make it even more user-friendly.

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Came here as I was searching for the same issue. It’s minor but it would be a nice quality of life improvement for autolayout to somehow not assume that by default I want everything to be “hug contents”. In fact, the first time I’m drafting a component, more often than not I want it to be fixed and then apply hug contents later (although I realise that’s specific to my workflow)

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