Connect or embed FigJam files with Figma files

Add a Figjam Page inside of a Figma file.


Just to add some nuances to this which I also really would like to see as a feature: I think that a good reason why I love to use Figjam is because of its proximity to the rest of the files in my projects, rather than a separate Miro page for example. But I keep using Miro because I can’t have Figjam and Figma designs open side-by-side, and yes, I could open one in the browser, but it’s not ideal. Having the page be able to be within the design file solves one problem, being able to see both side-by-side is another.

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I think our company would pay more to have Figjam inside of Figma rather than as separate files.

I want a page in a Figma file for group ideation/wireframing/roadmapping/free-form documentation around a project. I can hack my way around this in a Figma file, but my stakeholders don’t really know how to make the text and sticky notes work, and if I do it in a Figjam file, it’s disconnected from the file where most of the project design work is taking place.

Build Figjam features INTO Figma, not as a separate experience!

Thanks for all of this feedback! We’re considering some new functionality that will allow you to keep your FigJam files alongside your work in Figma. In the next few weeks, we’re running an invite-only beta and would love folks from this thread to participate and share feedback on the experience.

You can learn more and sign up here: Help us bring Figma + FigJam closer together! | Great Question


Is this research still available to get involved with?

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Has this been added to the roadmap? Please please?


Yes!!! Add Figma Jam as a page or a toolset in a regular Figma file! Its great that you can copy them into an existing file but THATS NOT ENOUGH! Being able to centralize all project documentation under one file and iterate from it is paramount to our work!

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Just to add this would be very very useful instead of going back and forth between files to check flows against designs, plus have a single tool / single source of truth. We currently use both Miro and Figjam but it would be great to collaborate with PMs, Engineers etc all within Figma. If the Beta reopens, let me know, thanks!

I’ve just started using figma. a lady in our team has created a figjam flow and i’ve created prototypes… I had presumed the two would be able to be combined somehow? like if i click a box in the figjam flow i want it show me the screen from the prototype file. i thought that’s the kind of thing figma did thats why i switched from Adobe XD - is this ever going to be a thing?

i really love how you can paste fijam stuff into figma, but part of me wishes there was a fijam “mode” just like the new developer mode, where i can hit a toggle and then connect post its and flows to my wireframes. I know there are plugins that do this but having it native would be extra buttery :butter:

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As a PM, we write spec and story map on figjam in our company, engineers always ask how does it look like on this paragraph of your spec, then we need to go to figma to check the wireframe which is inconvenient and time consuming. Hoping to be able to paste a single and zoomed-in wireframe from figma to figjam with auto sync when the wireframe has any changes


This is a half-baked idea but imagine FigJam as a collaboration mode for designers — Similar to the Dev mode.

A designer (Figma editor) would turn the collaboration mode on from a Figma file to get others to brainstorm, or comment with drawings and stickers. It wouldn’t mess with the design (existing as a separate “layer/overlay”) and would be hidden when switching back to Design mode. Elements from the collaboration mode could be incorporated into the design mode (i.e. a table or diagram). There could be a way to start a new FigJam file with a copy of the Figma file or just its collaboration layer.

I know you can do some of that by copy-pasting between a Figma file and a FigJam file.
But as a designer sometimes I want FigJam snappy UI inside my Figma file. I should be able to make diagrams and tables without switching back and forth between Figma and FigJam.


How about Figma add a option to move FigJam file to the layers panels?

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It would be really helpful if you could have both Design pages and FigJam pages in the same file. This would make sure that everything related to a project exists in one file, which makes it easier to get the whole picture and collaborate. It also makes it easier for others to take over or update a project.

The way I see it is that when you open a new page you are asked if it is a Design or FigJam page in the same way you are asked for a new file at the moment.

(I know that similar ideas have been opened, but they have disappeared from the features list. 404s)


Please can we make files have pages which are Figma or FigJam? It would make my work cleaner to have the brainstorming and research from FigJam in the same file as my Figma work.

The more files I make the harder it is to know which is the relevant FigJam file to Figma. I don’t want to buy a more expensive license than Professional to solve this problem

What if there were no differentiation between FigJam and Figma files?
Instead of introducing a toggle “FigJam ↔ Figma” and based on that, the UI changes. (Same between Figma ↔ DevMode)

Even more amazing would it be to have a three-way toggle
FigJam ↔ Figma ↔ DevMode

Hi everyone.

It would be useful to have the option to create a Figma file page as FigJam board. Sometimes is useful to have a workshop or brainstorm session attached to a Figma design file.

Something like this:

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This would be great for my use case: I create Use Flow Diagrams in FigJam (because it’s easier than in Figma). I would like to use the Diagrams to create my Design in Figma. Right now I copy the diagram to Figma to keep it in view, but this creates another source of truth.

I just want to have a clean, editable flow diagram inside a Figma file sitting beside UI—without using a buggy plugin.