Connect or embed FigJam files with Figma files

We want to use FigJam for our project.
FigJam is a powerful feature for designers and PMs.
But, it is not good to use because there is no function of Inspect for developers to use.
And since Figma Design File and FigJam are separated, they cannot be managed in one space.
The basic functions found in Figma Design File are also required by FigJam.

We need this feature.

  • Ability to add FigJam to Figma Design Page
  • Inspect function to see information and values of Component or Instance

Big + for embedding in some way, making a Jam part of Figma, or adding the components of FigJam into the component list of Figma so we can jam in Figma files.

If we have to get out of a context of a Figma file anyway, what’s the benefit of FigJam over Miro or other products?


Usually, the first phase of my design work for a project or feature is a “discovery/exploration” phase where I’m gathering input from the larger team and gathering inspiration onto a FigJam board. I’d love for that FigJam board to simply exist as a page in my main Figma Design File.

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Exactly, I want both formats to exist within the same file type so everything can be contained at a single location as opposed to creating different files for the same project or ticket.