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Connect or embed FigJam files with Figma files

Another nice addition would be to connect your FigJam files with related Figma files. So as not to rely on file naming. Creating links between the two would allow for easier navigation and discovery from others in the team.


Big :+1:t3: on this. This was really the main thing I had feedback about. I could see the files creating a big mess with the design files unless you have Org and have more ways to organize products/teams/files.


How is this not a thing? I would think it would be the entire purpose?


I would like to be able to create a File in a FigJam File and a FigJam File in a Design File.


We would like to use the jam for our research and thought process for each project so it can be easy for us to access it from the same Figma file. It should just like a page.


Would absolutely love to have the figjam file inside Figma for logic flows etc, so I can view the flow as I set up the design in Figma.


FigJam - is very interesting but unlinked from the Figma design file.
It would be better if one page could be FigJam in the Figma File.


If a team is collaborating on a design, it might be wise to have everything in one place. So that I see pages of designs and also see the (folder of?) jam boards – all in one file. And even a combination of a design and jam board, so that I could put sticky notes etc. on top of my designs and turn them on/off (now I have to put text notes near my screens which isn’t the best experience). Go on, FigJam has a fantastic potential to finally make it possible to get rid of Miro :slight_smile:


We use Miro to map out UI workflows, and currently use Sketch to design the files (moving to Figma soon). The best thing about Miro is the integration and automatically updates the images as they are updated on Sketch; it saves a HUGE amount of time, so much so that we won’t be able to migrate to Figjam until that is available. Please add integratino support to auto-update Figma screens in Figjam :slight_smile:


I would love the ability to create sub pages to these collaborative spaces, this would allow for greater organisation.

For example using FigJam as a Research Summary/Task manager
Being able to have a broader research page and subcategories based on Epics/Roadmap items or a sub page for competitor analysis would be super beneficial.

Competitor Screens
Video Player Testing
Watchlist Testing
NPS Dashboard

Our office currently uses Figma and Miro but Its always super messy as theres no way to segregate/organise the content.


Awesome job y’all! I’m really loving the simplicity of this tool so far.

In my design workflow and when meeting with stakeholders, we used to sketch/collab over there. Now that this exists, I’d love to give it a go instead. It’d be great to make pages so that I can divide up sessions by product feature, objective, or timeframe. Right now, I’m not sure how to fully integrate this tool into my workflow as I can imagine things from multiple brainstorm sessions getting pretty messy on one canvas. A temporary solution is creating a new file for every topic, or just having everything in one place. But preferably, I could separate into pages based on whether I’m discussing a feature concept, wireframes, UI, or eng-design collaboration.

Curious what other folks think here, my workflow in Figma is specific to a UI file, Design System file, and Wireframe file, which is then divided up by feature. Would others find this useful? Might just be me?


My ticket was merged with this but I meant adding a page structure to a figjam document similar to how it functions in figma.

Although tying them to figma files is also a very useful feature

Same here, I don’t think we’ll use FigJam if we can’t have a jam page in our already existing normal Figma files

Is this being considered?

PS. IMO If you land this you are going to crush MIRO, Klaxoon and other similar products! :wink:

Another important point @Chris_northswiss


I think this post should be renamed to “Embed FigJam Files within Figme Files”, all the posts being merged in this one talk about having a figjam page in a normal fig file. “Connect FigJam files with Figma files” is not really it.




@Philippe_Leger I didn’t want to jump to solutions on this one so kept it somewhat vague. I have reworded the title to cover linking and embedding.

I’m not sure what is technically feasible or what would actually lead to the best UX, so I will leave that with the team to explore.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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Would love Figjam linked more directly with an existing file! Having it as a separate page, but still inside the document would make it so much easier.

Would also like to have sticky notes in design pages, or something similar for comments. Maybe sticky notes that are pinned to the side of a frame? Something that can be seen while looking around and editing. The moment you click in an element in the file, the comment disappears.

#1 request is to FigJam right next to my wires. FigJam in a frame, or free form on the board. I use it to demo the workflow and then show the wires as I scroll the board and talk. Links in between from FigJam to frames could be beneficial for shares to stakeholders.

Embedding Figma designs in Figjam to be used as a designer->stakeholder handover/feedback/workshopping would be a absolute gaaaaaame-changer!


Often I’m using one file with multiple pages for a project. To keep things tight it would be great to Jam within the Figma file. And maybe better to avoid file separation completely.

Figjam and Figma could be the same file. The Figma toolbar and grid could be toggled via sharing options (something like share as Figjam) or the mode could be chosen by the user (depending on role ofcourse) See it like Simple (Figjam) vs Advanced (Figma) editing.

In this way users:

  • Dont need to choose how to start and continue a project in another file, because there is just 1 file type
  • Are not forced to use multiple files for a project and can stick to their preferred way of file organization
  • Can also create/edit/iterate easily on Hi-fi user flows… starting with a flow of boxes and lines and swap them later with fully designed mockups/components, without breaking the connector lines
  • Can Jam whenever needed and where needed… (think of it like an option… I need to Jam with you on this part of the design, lets call and Jam)
  • There is no need anymore to buy tools like to keep hi res flows updated

Of course from a marketing perspective a separated Figjam project is interesting, and it provides a great amount of focus… but please better integrate it so the power of components, overrides, nesting, document organization and swapping is maintained while adding lines. This is especiallysaving a lot of time when creatingmultiple hi res user flows for a project.

+1 for everyone saying they want FigJam as a page type in a Figma file.

I mostly use FigJam to make diagrams related to UI I’m working on in a Figma file (user flows, organizing dependencies, matching ideas to goals - you know, whiteboard stuff). That means I’m constantly going back and forth between working on the diagram and working on the UI. However, since Jams are a different file I’m now working on a single idea in two places, which is clunky and frustrating. I end up copying things to a file where I can use the most appropriate interface, and manually syncing between those files.
FigJams being their own files also makes managing all files even more complicated. I have a hard enough time organizing normal files, having a new type of file makes finding anything more difficult.

In my mind, the FigJam product is the interface, not the new file. I would vastly prefer to be able to switch between the interfaces on the same page. Not different pages in the same file - I want to be looking at one canvas when I’m working one feature.
If I’m working on a painting, I’ll outline it in pencil, then paint over it - but I don’t change rooms to do that, I just change the tool.