Compontent update notification pop-up not showing anymore

Since yesterday I have had a similar problem that I had in December/January.

I don’t get the “update component pop-up” so I can’t mass update the components.
So now I have to update every single component manually, even if I load the same components multiple times, I have to update them all manually.
For info: I have this problem on a Windows HP laptop and on a MacBook Pro M3.

The solution last time was to close Figma and Reload the design file or tab. That worked for a while but this time that doesn’t work anymore.

Figma has had a lot of bugs lately. From getting super slow when opening an overlay screen to this kind of update component bugs. :unamused: This makes work a hassle and it takes me much longer to do simple tasks.

Please fix this.

Hiya @Pieter - apologies for any trouble updating.

In general, these kinds of issues are difficult to address on the forum. We’d need to look at the files/libraries themselves to try and replicate these issues from your perspective [or find any bugs that are hiding].

At this point, I’d recommend reaching out to support by either emailing, or filling out this form .

I know it may be a bit off-putting, but I reviewed the topic you had on this back in December/January, and I think there needs to be more specific intervention to see what’s going on.

If you do file a ticket, feel free to message me the case number you receive and I can check on the status of it.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

The problem is I work for a government organization, therefore I can’t share files without written consent (and that could take months). So, it makes it tricky to resolve the problem with support personaly. Therefore, I’m looking for the most common solutions for this problem.

I’m not the only one experiencing this, and other users who have similar problems could maybe make use of the possible solutions. This wouldn’t happen if I resolved it via the support.

So are there viable solutions for this problem? If there are, I’ll try them and share the findings in this thread.

Extra info:

  • Reloading the tab, program, design file, won’t give/load the pop-up. Need to update all compinets manually, so it’s difficult te see wich components are updated or not.
  • I did do a Figma update last time, could that be the problem?
  • I’m running the Figma Desktop App version 116.17.11 on a MacBook Pro M3 MacOS Sonoma 14.1 and a HP Probook Winodws 10 (both have the same problem and same Figma version.

No worries on the sharing – understand completely. I’ll consult the support team and see what they recommend, and update you.

Just a heads up that I may not be able to get back to you until after the weekend. Apologies on that ahead of time.

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Just a question:
Why doesn’t Figma just make a fixed “Update all components” button in the inspector instead of a pop-up?

I haven’t seen the pop-up in over two weeks now. And it almost caused a problem because certain components weren’t updated before a presentation. Luckily someone pointed it out to me.

I can’t trigger the pop-up to appear, so having a permanent “Update all” button available would solve this issue. With such a button, I could always check if anything isn’t updated. Figma recognizes that the component has been updated; it’s just that the pop-up doesn’t appear, preventing me from updating all components at once. Therefore, implementing this button would resolve the entire problem.

Hey, sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you noticed that Figma has removed the pop up and moved it to the upper right to the screen? It’s just an open book icon now.

If this is about having to push changes 5 times, nothing appearing in the other file, and it only appearing when you close Figma or update manually, then I do have the same issue (for a week or two)

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Hey all - I think there’s been some confusion, so I wanted to first start with letting you know that we’ve made some recent changes to library update notifications aimed at making these notifications less ‘intrusive’ –

Take a look at Review and accept library updates, which includes information on where you’ll see update notifications now.

Completely understand that this may have been confusing, but I’m hoping that this helps clear everything up.

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Haha, TOTALLY missed this :joy: Thanks for the info.
Maybe add a function to enable the pop-up. It gives people a choice and shows other team members that something has changed.

But this helps me to update all components at once… That would have been hell to do manually. Thnx! :smiley:

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I find this update to be incredibly frustrating, and something I’m not sure anyone asked for (I saw one post on the ideas forum from a year ago, with zero upvotes). Updated libraries is a critical function, but now I have to constantly look for a tiny dot to be confident I’m in sync. I’d love to know the justification behind this? Why isn’t it an option?

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Hi there,

Thank for the feedback. The reasons behind the change:

  • The notification was obtrusive and users often found its placement annoying.
  • Even minor changes for variables were triggering notification. This would have resulted in the notification appearing more frequently.

To prevent this from becoming a bigger annoyance, we’ve adjusted the product to be less intrusive.

Thanks again for the feedback and we will share it with our internal team.


I wish I could enable the pop-up. A blue dot in the right corner is just not cutting it for me. Let people decide if they want to enable or disable the pop-up.

Thanks for you feedback @Pieter! The best place would be to create a new topic on our “Share an Idea” community forum here:

This helps us roadmap future updates. When you create a topic there, others who would like to see your suggestion implemented can vote on it.

Let me know if you have any further questions!