Components don't update

I’ve already tried many things since 2 days, from restarting computer, re-installing Figma (last version 116.17.11) , clear Figma’s cache… without success.

… and Components keep not being updated in any related file. Does any have any idea how to solve it. I am getting crazy :disappointed: and losing hours of work. Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 11.15.41

Components keep not being updated in any related file.

Please explain in more detail what you mean by that. What steps are you taking, what are you expecting to happen and what doesn’t work as expected?

@Gleb I’ve been working for 2 years in the same 2 files. One has all the main components and the UI designs are in the other file.

Since 2 days, components are being published in the Main file, but the other file does not pops anymore the dialog window “components update available > Review”.

The components are not being updated anymore in the second file. As I said, I’ve tried many things without success.

One thing I just discovered: I created a test user, and using this new user, things are working: I published my components and the other file is now updating.

But why? What might be the problem with my user?

Hey @Tiago_Taborda are you still running into issues here?