Component properties nesting

Hi, it would be great if properties of components could be created basing on properties of nested components used in this component.

For example we have a simple button with a label on it, label is a text property of a button which can be adjusted as usual in the right metadata menu. We create some another component, lets say an input form that uses this button component instance.
In this case, we can’t reapply the label of the button of this instance button to work as a text property of parent component (input form).

The idea is to add an ability to propagate properties from the parent components to their children by any level of nesting.

The feature will make nesting of the components and usage of properties much easier and profitable.

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The “Expose nested instances” beta feature will probably work for you.


Thanks, works like a charm :+1:

This is a very good idea, waiting for an update in figma😉

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