Component Properties - Mixed Values in Component Sets

Is there a way to have “mixed values” on the component prop? Ex…

  1. How can I have these text sizes share the same component text prop but have different values just in the component set?

  1. How can I have my icons in my button share the same instance swap prop but have different sized icons for my different sized buttons?

Number 1 is not possible, as far as I know. The thing with the icon sizes is possible (it works in the design system I manage), depending on how you have your icons set up. I don’t think it’ll work if your icon sizes are controlled with variants (because component properties don’t let you select between components in sets), but it will work if your icons are just regular components that can scale to whichever size. The buttons in the attached image are all structured exactly the same, but I’ve set the circle icon to different sizes in each.

Thanks Brian,

Yeah we use component sets on our icons for different sizes and for their outline and filled variants. It looks like I was able to create a bug to get mixed value on my Typography components, So I guess I’ll run with that for now :man_shrugging:t5:

Hopefully an update in the future makes this possible