Component override result depends on property order?

I have a deeply nested component that’s confusing me. This may be by-design, but if not I’m hoping for some pointers to be aware of…

I’m building a ComboBox component. Inside o that is a TextInput component. Inside of that is a text layer and an icon component. It looks like this:

  • CombobBox component
  • TextInput component
  • Icon component
  • test layer

The behavior I’m seeing is that my ComboBox is not consistent when I select the same properties in the various components. ComboBox has a couple variations with a customized Icon (layer swap override) – one for when a dropdown is displayed and one for when it’s not displayed. If I change properties at the TextInput component (e.g., status property from “default” to “success”), it will honor some color changes but not the icon I set. If I set them in the reverse order (CombboBox and then TextInput), the right icon gets shown.

Sorry if it’s confusing. Here’s a simplified file where I tried to show what I’m seeing:


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