Component not changing in prototype [BUG?]

I have created a component which will change to another variant of it when I click a button but when prototyping the change is not happening. What could be the issue?

The edit button is not changing to save button

I am having the same issue. Components that were previously transitioning to states (hover ie) are now not working correctly.

What has changed since? We upgraded to Org pricing tier.

Hello @tank666, do you know why this is happening? :slight_smile:

Did it work properly before? If so, please submit a bug report to support.

Try removing the button component’s text property. Or create and use a new component that meets the requirements of this task.

I have tried the following with no success.

• create a new component
• Reload tabs / all tabs
• Restart Figma
• Restart computer.

Could you share a link to an example file?

Got response from Figma that this is a know issue where text properties are not swapped as expected when a component is setup with both a on-click and a hover interaction. (Nested as well).

Solution: You can remove hover effect from components interaction section, nested as well.