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Component ignore the overrides in prototype mode

The bug appears recently. Looks like everything works fine in Figma file. So I have two states of the dropdown one closed and the second open with a nested list.

In the prototype mode components behave like they should if I start them from OPEN STATE but if I start from the CLOSED STATE then thy all data are cleared inside the list and it always showing me the content from the main component.


this happened to me recently, not with a dropdown, but with a tooltip, (same case, 2 states only)

in my case was the text, it was defaulting to the original component text.

this morning i just re did everything and worked as expected… idk what happened.

Well if the only solution is to redo everything then, in my opinion, Interactive components are useless. In my case, I have 4 nested components in this dropdown and then I need to redo it in different styles it’s a lot of effort plus all links for components in other files will be destroyed. It cannot be that some base logic in the feature is broken without any explanations because the time invested to work with this feature is wasted. The point of having interactive components is to save time and do less base prototyping for the components that we are using in many places and they have the same logic. Would be great if someone from #Figma team could give a comment here.

Hi, Carlos can you tell me how you redid it because if I create another test component in my variant it still doesn’t work. And all nested components work fine just in the last always use the default last component text even if I create the new one still has the same bug :frowning: