Component bug when adding it to a project

Hi everyone. I have designers with some problems using the components of our library. The component preview is correct, but when they add the component to their project the visual changes with the default states or random states and sizes.

For example, a simple toolbar component with misaligned elements and wrong sizes applied (the original component in the library is correct):

The preview of the same toolbar applied for other designers:

We don’t know if this is a bug, but seems to be and it happens with a certain frequency.
Any ideas about what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi @MariannaPiacesi, thank you for reaching out!

Could you try opening your working file and running a Quick Action called “Repair Component Connections”? This command has a similar affect to fetching the most updated version of the main component, without you having to manually change and re-publish the main component and accept updates in subscribed files.
I’ve included some instructions on running the command below.

  1. Open the affected file
  2. From the main dropdown menu in the top left, navigate to the “Quick Actions” search bar.
  3. Search for “Regenerate component connections”
  4. Run this command

Please let me know how it goes.

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Hi Gayani, thank you for the support. I indicated these instructions to our teams and it worked in some cases until now. I have a case where a designer is complaining about the same problem and indicating that the repair command didn’t work. Also, the file doesn’t have updates available so we don’t know what is the problem, we believe is the same Figma bug because the main library is working fine with the expected visual.

You can check the problem in the video below:

What can we do in that case? Thanks in advance